Managing Your Shih Tzu’s Pain with CBD Oil: A Beginner’s Guide

Our canine companions are known for stoically hiding their pain, and it isn’t always obvious they’re suffering. But when a dog owner knows their pup is in pain, they look for ways to offer relief. It doesn’t matter whether the pain stems from an illness or injury, conventional ways to make them feel better usually involve synthetic medications. Dog owners who are looking for an all-natural way of treating their pets’ pain without the risk of side effects, however, are turning toward CBD oil from hemp. Here’s what you need …

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4 Reasons To Give Your Senior Pit Bull CBD Oil

CBD is a medicinal herb many senior pit bull owners flocking to. In fact, its one of the most talked about topics in our 130,000 member senior dog community on Facebook. The benefits of CBD oil are reaching more dogs every day. Here are a few reasons why senior pit bull owners are choosing it for their pups. 1. CBD Offers Significant Benefits To Brain Health In Aging Pit Bulls CBD has shown the ability to support normal cellular function and promote healthy aging through mitochondrial support. In addition, CBD …

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Is Your Dog Hiding Excruciating Joint Pain? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Dogs are masters of disguise. Over the years, the ancestors of dogs adapted by hiding their pain which was considered a sign of weakness and could alienate them from their pack. While this may have helped them survive in times past, it doesn’t do them any favors in today’s world. As your dog ages, they are likely attempting to hide their pain from you. Take a quiz to learn if your dog exhibits any of the 12 signs of joint pain.

CBD Oil for Older Huskys: Can It Help Chronic Pain & Anxiety?

If you’ve been considering CBD for your older husky, you’re not alone. Pet parents are turning to CBD for their aging dogs for 4 major reasons: 1. CBD Offers Significant Brain Health Benefits and Boosts Cognition In Aging Huskys Studies on CBD have shown the ability to support normal cellular function and promote healthy aging through mitochondrial support. In addition, CBD is currently being studied for its apparent antipsychotic, anti-nausea, and anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory benefits. The anti-inflammatory benefits, in particular, may offer the most benefit to the brain and aging. …

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New Study Shows CBD May Help Itchy Dogs Fight Allergies

Atopic dermatitis will leave your dog feeling extra itchy when exposed to allergens. This scratching could be focused on certain areas or all over the body. Excessive itching is painful and uncomfortable for your furry friend. So, this is why it’s important for you to address these health concerns. Luckily, animal health company CannPal Animal Therapeutics Limited recently found a connection between dog CBD and relieving atopic dermatitis. They released the results from a recent study they conducted that showed the safety and efficacy of CBD products for dogs. The …

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