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Dosing & Administering Questions

It really depends on why you are giving Cannanine to your pet. If anxiety, you may see the effect within 30-60 minutes (if the dosing is correct).

If you are giving to help with joint pain, it may take a longer period of time for the body to respond. We recommend allowing 2-4 weeks for full effect.

Please reach out to our product specialists who can give you a more exact answer. Also – they can answer dosing and frequency questions as well.

Fortunately, it appears to be extremely difficult to give a large enough dose of CBD to seriously harm an animal. Unlike the THC, the toxicity of CBD appears negligible. With that said, you should always start slow when introducing any new supplement to your dog’s diet.  Occasionally, the Hemp Seed carrier oil can upset a dog’s stomach if they are not use to a little extra fat in their diet. Fortunately, this is rare and only temporary.

Our Cannanine CBD oil can be given directly to your pet’s mouth (sublingual absorption, which is fastest) or placed on their food or favorite treat.

We also offer a very palatable CBD soft chews or baked CBD treats.

For more ideas for giving CBD to your pet view: Top 5 Ways To Administer CBD Oil To A Dog or this delicious homemade no-bake CBD dog treat recipe.

Because every pet’s situation is unique, we’d recommend discussing CBD oil administration with your veterinarian if your pet is already taking prescription medications.

Based on human studies, CBD stays in the body long after its effects have worn off. The general consensus is that it takes about one week for CBD to leave the system. However, the amount of time CBD remains in the body depends on several factors including:

  • Body Weight
  • Diet
  • Activity Level
  • Biochemical Makeup
  • How Often CBD Oil is Taken:
    • Single use: up to 3 days
    • Moderate use: 3 to 5 days
    • Repeated use: up to 10 days or more

Cannanine CBD Questions

The 2 organic ingredients in Cannanine™ (Hemp Seed Oil and CBD oil) are human grade ingredients. The team here at iHeartDogs uses the CBD oil for both ourselves and our pets!

However, because we are a pet products company, our labeling and insurance restrictions require us to put “For animal use only” on the label.

All COA test results are featured on the product pages. Here’s a quick link to view the COA for the following products:



The COA is in the image gallery below the product photo.

No, Cannanine is 100% THC free.

Our product is made from Full-Spectrum hemp extract, but all THC has been removed. It provides a full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, minus the THC. Sometimes, this is referred to as broad spectrum. 

Other brands of pet CBD products often contain small amounts of THC, but we believe 0% THC is the safest option for your pet. Ask any veterinarian, THC poisoning is a very real and dangerous thing. Removing ALL the THC adds to the cost, but leads to the safest possible product for your dog or cat.

Our most popular product by far is our CBD oil tincture. The oil can be given directly to your dog’s mouth (fastest absorption) or put over their food or treats.

Our soft chews and baked treats are also an excellent option for picky dogs, or a more portable option to keep with you when traveling.

Need more help choosing? View our guide: Which CBD Product is Best for My Dog?

If stored in a dark, cool environment, your CBD oil should stay fresh for up to 12 months. If you notice a change in consistency, taste, or smell, the oil may be losing its freshness.

Ordering & Shipping Questions

Your Cannanine CBD order is carefully shipped from Anaheim, CA. It is shipped within 2 – 3 business days of when the order is placed, excluding holidays. Transit time varies from 3 – 5 days typically. You will receive an email with tracking info. once your product has shipped.

Domestic Orders (within USA) are typically received within 5-7 business days.
International Orders are typically received within 3-5 weeks once shipped.

We use a variety of carriers for delivery to our customers: Domestic orders ship via USPS, UPS and FedEx. International orders are sent via UPS Mail Innovations with the local postal service making the final delivery.

We do ship to most countries. We are not able to ship this product to the following countries.

Yes, Cannanine is legal in all 50 states. Because our product contains 0% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) it is legal in all 50 states.

You can access your Cannanine account here.

To create a shopping account, click My Account at the very bottom right of this page.
You’ll then see the option to Register for an account with your email address.
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Once you’ve fulfilled all the above-mentioned password requirements, you can confirm your account!

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