Senior Super 7 Daily MegaVitamin For Dogs 7-In-1 Antioxidant Anti-Aging Support With Probiotics For Longevity and Cognitive Boost – 60 Chews

As your dog ages, it’s difficult to watch them struggle to keep up with their former energy and vitality. Our Senior Super 7 Vitamin provides your aging pup with the nutrients they need for a healthy body and mind. Packed with seven natural ingredients and designed specifically for senior dogs, this supplement increases energy levels, promotes longevity, and helps increase cognitive function – all of which will help keep your senior pup feeling better, moving better & thinking better throughout their golden years.

  • Promotes Longevity in Senior Pups
  • Boosts Cognitive Function
  • Each jar purchased provides 14 healthy meals to shelter dog


1. Choose Your Dog’s Size
  • Small Dogs Up To 25 lbs
  • Medium Dogs 25 - 50 lbs
  • Large Dogs 50+ lbs
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Active Ingredients (Per Each 3g Chew)

  • Ashwaganda 150 mg
  • Proprietary Mushroom Blend (Lion's Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail) 108 mg
  • Resveratrol 75 mg
  • Turmeric 75 mg
  • Fish Oil Concentrate 50 mg
  • EPA 18 mg
  • DHA 12 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba 50 mg
  • Milk Thistle 50 mg
  • Lutein 2.5 mg
  • Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus subtilis, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus Total Microbes 500 Million CFUS
  • *Resveratrol is derived from Japanese knotweed ( Polygonum Cuspidatum) Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract is a plant whose root is a good source of the potent polyphenolic antioxidant trans-resveratrol, which is considered the most bioavailable form of Resveratrol

Inactive Ingredients

Buffered white distilled vinegar, Chickpea flour, Citric acid, Coconut glycerin, Coconut oil, Natural poultry flavor, Rosemary extract, Sunflower lecithin, Sunflower oil, Tapioca starch, Water

100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee