If You Have a Senior Dog, I’d Like to Buy This for You

If You Have a Senior Dog, I’d Like to Buy This for You

January 7, 2024

Hi There,

If you have a senior dog, there’s something very important I’d like to give to you free of charge.

But first, please allow me to tell you a brief story about why I want to do this.

This is me and my dog, Splash. My wife and I rescued her all the way back in 2008. ❤️

When Splash was around 11 years old, I began to notice signs of her slowing down. After working with a laboratory for over a year and developing a type of highly potent hemp oil, I began giving Splash an early prototype in 2017. Splash was the very first dog to ever use Cannanine!

Not only did I notice her energy and mobility improve, but she also was finally able to conquer a life-long challenge of separation anxiety.

Sadly, one month ago, Splash crossed the  Rainbow Bridge, just 2 months short of turning 18 years old. (huskies typically live around 12-14 yrs). My veterinarian said that Splash was the longest living husky he had ever seen in his entire career!

I firmly believe that Cannanine hemp oil was one of the major reasons that Splash was able to live and thrive to nearly 18. She gladly ate her Cannanine chews daily from the time she was 11 years old up until a few days before her death. She still ran and jumped like a puppy into her 17th year, and would even sometimes outlast our 1 year old puppy on walks!

Today, we know more than ever about the positive effects of hemp extract on a dog’s body. Study after study continues to show hemp benefits dogs by reducing inflammation, pain, calming nerves, and even improving allergy symptoms.

Because of the difference I saw Cannanine make for Splash, I’d like to do something in honor of her memory that can help other senior dog parents.

Here at our warehouse in Anaheim, California, I have set aside 200 bottles of bacon flavored Cannanine hemp chews that I’d like to give FREE to senior dog parents.

However, in order to have the most impact, I’d like to request that one of the following qualifications be met:

(1) You have a senior dog (age 7 or above) or…

(2) Your dog is experiencing joint pain, anxiety, or allergies

If you meet one or both of the criteria above, we’ll send you a full-size (60 count) bottle free, you’ll just cover a small S&H fee (which also includes donation to feed 1 shelter dog). You’ll be enrolled in our autoship subscription program, but that can be cancelled easily at anytime directly on our website or through our customer service team.

While I’m deeply grateful for Splash’s nearly 18 years of life, I’m reminded of the saying that “No matter how much time we get with our dogs, it’s never enough.” 

My wish is for many more happy and healthy years for you and your furry angels!

Justin Palmer

Splash’s Dad & Co-founder

Cannanine & iHeartDogs