He Used to Be My Couch Buddy but Now He Just Looks up at Me From the Floor

He Used to Be My Couch Buddy but Now He Just Looks up at Me From the Floor

July 25, 2022

That goofy boy up there is my old boy Benny. He’s a mixed breed so I’m sure some sort of “bad joints” gene is mixed up in his DNA. But to be honest I never really thought about it. It wasn’t a thought that had ever crossed my mind before. At least not until I started to see the symptoms.

It started small of course, he didn’t want to go on as many walks, and he certainly didn’t want to zip to the top of the stairs anymore. But as time went on these symptoms just became worse.

Benny started to limp really bad. It took him a long time to get up from the floor and his legs would just shake and shake while he tried to stand up. Walking up the stairs to my bedroom became harder and harder until eventually, he stopped going up the stairs all together. I bought him a little ottoman to sleep on downstairs because he couldn’t sleep with me anymore.

He’s also my couch buddy. I can’t remember watching any tv without having him snuggled up next to me. But over the last year I noticed that I’d sit down to watch tv and Benny would just sit on the floor by the couch and look up at me. I had to help him get up every time. And even then, picking him up isn’t very comfortable for him. He would yelp and squirm from the pain. Sometimes it was easier to just leave him on the floor.

I knew dogs get old. And that this is what getting old looks like for dogs. But I couldn’t help but feel like Benny still had a few years left in him. Though his body was getting old he still had so much spirit even at the age of 14.

In early spring I caught my neighbor for a few minutes and we got to talking about Benny. I’m not sure why we started talking about Benny but my neighbor recommended that I try CBD oil. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t even know what CBD oil was at this point. But I looked it up and I’ve seen some articles saying that CBD oil could really help dogs with joint problems.

After a little bit of researching, I stumbled onto Cannanine and ordered a bottle of their oil. I didn’t have super high hopes but I figured any relief that I can get for Benny would be well worth it. I just wanted my little buddy to be comfortable.

I will never remember the first morning that I put the oil into Benny’s breakfast. After he was done eating I went to go sit on the couch for a few minutes and right after I sat down Benny came running over and jumped up onto the couch with me. I know that sounds completely unrealistic and things don’t work that fast but I’m not exaggerating at all. I finally had my couch buddy back.

I’ve been giving Benny this CBD oil ever since. After doing a little bit more research I even found out that CBD oil can help him with his anxiety around car rides.

Cannanine helped me get my pup back. It’s so obvious that they care so much about the animals that they help. They even donate some of the profits to local shelter animals. I can’t think of enough and I recommend their CBD oil to every friend and family member that has a couch buddy like me.

Thanks for letting me share Benny’s story. – Jill S. 

Note from Editor: A Huge thank you to Jill for sharing her story about Benny. If you’d like to learn more about the Cannanine 500mg Oil please check it out here.