I Gave CBD Oil To My 12 Year Old Arthritic Dog Who Lost His Mobility. Here’s What Happened.

I Gave CBD Oil To My 12 Year Old Arthritic Dog Who Lost His Mobility. Here’s What Happened.

June 5, 2022

I have a 12 year old chihuahua that has been having back, knee, and hip issues. Over the past year or so he has lost his mobility tremendously. He got to where he could barely make it out the door to go potty without his back legs collapsing. (It is only about a 2 inch drop.) He would yelp when I would pick him up.

We took him to a chiropractor and found out that he has two vertebrae that are trying to fuse together in his back. He also has arthritis in his right knee and from overcompensating his left side of his body, his left hip is going out also. We did 6 sessions of laser therapy and it helped temporarily.

Pain meds were turning him into a zombie which I feel is no way or quality of life. I was determined to find something else to make him comfortable.

I heard about CBD oil and decided to do the research needed to find the right kind. After a few days of research, I kept going back to the “I Heart Dogs” page and finally decided to try out the Cannanine brand. Specifically because this brand really broke down their product and what is the safest, most effective CBD oils, I chose them. They hide nothing from you. The website really helps you to understand what you are looking for in a good CBD oil and HOW it works.

My dog started using the oils, and by the second day of it, I could see such a difference in him! He has now been on it for almost a month and he just takes 0.25ml once a day and he prances around like a puppy again.

He plays with his toys again and he interacts with my other dogs. It really has been such a turn-around for him! It is so great to see him up and out of his bed again. I cannot praise this company enough but I do hope this review helps others out!

Written By: Fallon R.

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