I kept coming home to find my anxious dog soaking wet. What I discovered was heartbreaking 💔

I kept coming home to find my anxious dog soaking wet. What I discovered was heartbreaking 💔

July 11, 2022

That little guy up there is my buddy, Winston. He’s just turned 10 years old and he’s been there for me through many big seasons in my life ever since I rescued him as a pup.

The weirdest thing started happening around 4 years ago…

Whenever I leave the house I have to crate Winston or he’ll get into things and chew them. Shoes, cords…if it’s something he can pick up, he’s chewing it.

He’s always been anxious, which my Vet told me would be why he chews things around the house when I’m gone…separation anxiety. The crate had seemed to work pretty well because I would always give him one of my hoodies that smells like me which was comforting to him when I was gone. (Continue reading below)

One of the days I get home and to my confusion, Winston was completely soaking wet. I mean SOAKED. He was as wet as if I had just taken him out of the bathtub. I remember thinking that it had to be pee. But it didn’t make sense to me because not only did I take him for a walk before I left, I know him…He would never pee in his own crate.

So I pulled him out and smelled him. Didn’t smell like pee. Pulled out the hoodie and his little bed (both also wet). Didn’t smell like pee. Despite it not smelling like urine, I went with the “it has to be pee” theory and washed everything, then gave him a bath.

That same week, I get back from a quick errand, and again…Winston is soaking wet. This time I was thinking, “Okay something is going on with him, he wouldn’t just pee like this”. Once again, I clean everything, give him a bath, and chalk it up to the pee story. Only this time, I get ahold of my Vet afterward. She explained to me that during cases of extreme anxiety, dogs can actually salivate profusely, even to the point where everything around them gets covered in it.

This kind of blew my mind at first and I actually didn’t want to believe her after we hung up. I had no idea that dogs could do that. It wasn’t even on my radar. So a few days later again I leave for a quick errand and return to him all wet. This time the guilt set in and I was heartbroken thinking of what must have been going through his head. I go down a google search rabbit hole to search for advice on what to do. Now, my Vet did offer to get some Trazodone for him, but I was just so hesitant to give him anything that was going to make him drowsy…and what if he had some kind of reaction?

A friend of mine had been telling me about CBD and convinced me to give it a try for Winston’s anxiety. In my research, I felt comfortable with it knowing that it was just a supplement. I ordered it asap and gave him a test dose with the dropper while I was with him. He just seemed much calmer, and I didn’t see anything negative at all. No side effects.

The day came when I had to put him in the crate again so I gave him his CBD with my fingers crossed. I was desperate for it to work. Once again I return home and he was completely fine! Right where I left him, curled up in a little ball, looking up at me with that sweet face.

He’s now been on Cannanine CBD for 4 years and we’ve never had any issues with his anxiety since. I give it to him on the 4th of July (fireworks), on long car rides, at vet visits, the groomers, and he’s completely relaxed where he would normally be panting and shivering in fear.

If your dog has anxiety or gets stressed out in certain situations, there’s no reason to not try CBD. It takes the “edge” off and helps them feel at ease.

The product I use with Winston is Cannanine 500mg CBD Oil, and sometimes I give him the soft chews as kind of a boost or if we’re on the go. It’s pretty affordable because for anxiety you can just use it as needed during those stressful times. So thankful for this product, and I’m so glad my friend nagged me about trying it.

Thanks for letting me share Winston’s story. – Courtney M.

Note from Editor: A Huge thank you to Courtney for sharing her story about Winston. If you’d like to learn more about the Cannanine 500mg CBD Oil, please go here.