These Senior Rescue Dogs Were Gifted CBD – And Just Look What Happened! 🥲

Dear supporters,

On Tuesday we announced that your purchases this week would go to helping fund doses of Cannanine CBD for a rescue that was in desperate need to get their senior dogs joint pain and anxiety relief.

We were taken aback by how you came through to help!

You and many other supporters were able to help fund 30 bottles of CBD oil, and 15 jars of CBD soft chews. WOW. We can’t thank you enough. The dogs here will get roughly 3 months worth of consistent CBD doses for all of their dogs that need it. Check out just one of the dogs below. His name is Knight and his story is incredible!

Knight was originally rescued a while back and within the first couple hours at his new home, a tragic accident occurred. Knight fell into an empty hot tub, breaking his lower back. His new family thought they needed to euthanize him, but the rescue quickly took him back in. Through surgery and rehabilitation, he is doing extremely well in recovery.

He will likely have mobility issues for the rest of his life, but CBD has been a miracle for him in helping reduce his pain, allowing him to focus on being a playful pup again. Look at the shots we grabbed below of him while he was playing in the water at the rescue!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for helping these dogs get CBD relief while they wait for the perfect forever family to adopt them. What you did this week was incredible.

Also – we are still making CBD donations through the end of today with any CBD purchase. Each CBD product purchased will fund 5 doses of CBD for these rescue dogs. Shop below and help make an even greater impact!