Why Your Veterinarian Might Not Want to Talk About CBD Oil

Our veterinarians should always be our first go-to resource for all essential health questions about our pets.

However, many pet owners have been frustrated at their vet’s lack of interest or experience on the topic of CBD oil. In fact, it seems like everyone is talking about CBD – except veterinarians!

Why Veterinarians Won’t (or Can’t) Talk About CBD

Veterinarians are rightfully hesitant to recommend a supplement without scientific backing. While there are countless human and animal studies on the safety and efficacy of CBD, only this year have we begun to see exciting results specifically on dogs. So lack of clinical trials are unlikely to be a problem for your vet.

The real reason your vet may not want to talk to you about CBD is actually quite unfortunate: some veterinarian boards prohibit them from discussing any cannabis related treatment. This prohibition is despite that fact that CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states, and medical marijuana is legal in many states (Cannanine uses CBD from hemp, which is legal in all 50 states)

Privately, we’ve had countless conversations with veterinarians off the record who are very excited about CBD, but hesitant to begin discussing it with patients over fear regarding their licenses. This situation though, is likely to change soon as their is much discussion and debate in the veterinarian community on the use of CBD products.

Veterinarians Who Are Talking About CBD

While your local veterinarian may not be up to date or able to talk about CBD, many prominent veterinarians are:

  • Dr. Karen Becker writes: “When it comes to pain management, there’s a significant amount of evidence that supports the use of CBD. And since cannabinoids work differently in the body than narcotics and also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they can be used together without the risk of drug interactions.”
  • Dr. McGrath at Colorado State vouches for its safety. She also recommends, if you’re already using a CBD product or are considering one, that you try to get a “Certificate of Analysis” which should show you how much THC is in the product 
  • Dr. Celeste Yarnall is interviewed on Dr. Karen Becker’s podcast about her use of CBD oil with her cats.
  • Dr. Gary Richter states: “While there are some differences in how cannabis affects pets compared to humans, they can benefit in many of the same ways people do,” Richter said. He adds that his professional experience “has shown me that there is enormous potential to treat medical conditions with cannabis.”

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