Hemp Oil For Dogs: Why It’s Important To Choose Organic

Organic hemp oil for dogs is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. These substances introduce allergens and hormones into your dog’s system, putting them at risk for skin irritation, gastrointestinal upset, and more.

Is organic hemp oil more effective than non-organic oils?

Not necessarily. Choosing organic hemp oil for dogs is more about preventing unnecessary chemicals from entering your pet’s body. Eliminating synthetic preservatives, pesticides, and other additives dramatically reduces your dog’s risk of allergic reactions.

However, according to Tufts University’s Veterinary Clinical Nutrition Service, there is some evidence that organically-grown crops contain more nutrients than conventionally-grown. Three major studies found that organic crops had:

  • Small increases in antioxidants
  • Small increases in phosphorus
  • Higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids (in organic meat and milk)

While organic hemp was not part of the studies, the results show that chemical agents affect nutrient content.

organic hemp oil for dogs

Does organic mean no herbicides or pesticides?

Agricultural chemicals prevent weeds from choking out crops and keep insects from destroying the yield. When we think of organic, we think of farmers using zero chemicals whatsoever – therefore, you may be wondering how we can expect farmers to produce cost-effective, environmentally sound plants without chemical intervention.

Dr. Donella H. Meadows was a Pew Scholar in Conservation and Environment who researched this very subject. One of the most influential environmental thinkers of the twentieth century, Dr. Meadows found that as far back as the 1980s, farmers were successfully producing hardy crops without pesticides or herbicides.

These organic farmers also employ methods such as relay-cropping, ridge-tilling, mulching, cover-cropping, flaming, and crop rotation to avoid the use of chemicals.

However, organic farmers can use chemical pesticides as long as they are natural (non-synthetic) and certified for use in organic gardening.

What does “organic” mean when it comes to pet products?

There are no specific regulations that apply to organic pet products, but this does not necessarily mean the term is meaningless or just an excuse to charge higher prices. Like organically-produced agricultural products for humans, organic pet products must meet USDA guidelines.

In order to carry the USDA “Certified Organic” seal, a pet or human product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. Similarly, products that say they are “made with organic hemp” must contain at least 70% organic ingredients.

Which organic hemp oil for dogs can you trust?

Dog parents around the world are turning to hemp oil to treat a variety of ailments in their pets. With hemp oils popping up everywhere, which can you trust to put your dog’s needs ahead of their profits?

Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil is made from all-natural human-grade ingredients including 100% organically-grown Colorado hemp. In addition to their commitment to quality and health, Cannanine goes the extra mile to ensure your dog gets the safest, most effective product possible.

Cannanine organic hemp oil for dogs

In addition to organic Colorado hemp and all-natural human grade ingredients, the following traits set Cannanine far apart from the competition:

-Cannanine Organic Hemp Oil is Free From GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants, bacteria, or fungi that have had their DNA artificially altered in some way. When it comes to cash crops like hemp, the genetic modification typically activates hormones to make the plants hardier and more resistant to disease. This increases output and allows for lower price points.

This may seem like a positive thing, but the long-term effects of GMOs are still unknown, and they certainly do not qualify as organic.

-Cannanine is THC-Free with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to Prove it

Cannanine employs a costly extra step in the manufacturing process to ensure their products are completely free of THC. This is important because THC is the compound that gives marijuana its signature high. Although not harmful to pets in small amounts, the dog lovers at Cannanine believe the only acceptable level of THC is none at all!

To assure customers their products are completely free of THC, a professional outside laboratory analyzes every batch of Cannanine Organic Hemp Oil for dogs. You can view the latest Certificate of Analysis here.

Testing also shows Cannanine to be free of heavy metals, harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, and other toxins.

-Cannanine Includes a Risk-Free/Money Back Guarantee

The folks at Cannanine know how picky some pups can be! If for any reason your dog refuses to take his hemp oil or the product does not meet your expectations, simply contact them for a refund or exchange.

-Cannanine Organic Hemp Oil is Available in Treats & Soft Chews

With those picky pups in mind, Cannanine offers Bacon Flavor Soft Chews and Grain-Free Cheese & Bacon Baked Treats to tempt even the most finicky palates!

-Cannanine Feeds Shelter Dogs

This is the best feature of all! Each 250 mg bottle of Cannanine Organic Hemp Oil you purchase provides 7 healthy meals to shelter pets in need!


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