How Your Dog Feels Before & After Taking CBD Oil

Have you been wanting to try Cannanine CBD oil, but you’re afraid of how it might affect your dog? We’ve got some good news: Cannanine is made especially for dogs in a USA-based, FDA-approved facility, then sent to a third-party lab to ensure its safety and purity.

Some dog parents worry that CBD will leave their dog feeling like this:

But the truth is, CBD is not marijuana. There are crucial differences between the two. Most notably, CBD products for pets must contain less than 0.3% THC, the compound in marijuana responsible for its intoxicating effects. To make sure your pup is safe and comfortable, Cannanine goes the extra mile to remove every last trace of THC from our CBD products.

So, if your pup suffers from joint pain, mobility issues, anxiety, or allergies, give him natural relief so he can feel as good as the “After” pups below!

Joint Pain

Before: Without Cannanine to ease your dog’s joint pain, your pup is like a fragile heirloom you have to treat with kid gloves.

But After Cannanine, he’ll feel well enough to tackle the stairs, sleep comfortably through the night, maybe even jazzercise!

Mobility Issues

Before you invest in an Uber Pass for your pup, consider trying CBD oil.

The change in his mobility will amaze you! (But definitely hang onto the tortoise, they make wonderful pets.šŸ¢)


The world can be a scary place for a dog. Loud noises, new sights, and strange smells can leave your pup feeling vulnerable.

With Cannanine CBD oil on board, your dog will feel calm and relaxed as if he’s sliding into a warm, soothing bath.Ā 


Itchy, irritated skin is the WORST! Unfortunately, all your dog can do is attempt to itch, scratch, bite, gnaw, and roll his way to comfort.

UNLESS he is on Cannanine CBD, which reduces inflammation and makes your pup feel like this:

Once your pooch experiences the natural relief of Cannanine, his biggest concern will be making sure you don’t run out.

But that’s why we offer auto-ship. Did we mention it comes with free shipping?

And don’t worry, parents of picky pups!

Even the most finicky fur-friends love Cannanineā„¢ Bacon Flavor Soft Chews!

Cannanine is 100% natural and 100% risk-freeā€”so what are you waiting for? Shop Here.