How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Cat?

How much CBD oil should I give my cat? If you’ve been considering trying CBD oil for your cat, you’re probably wondering what dosage would be best. The good news is that there are no reports of cats overdosing on CBD oil alone as the excess CBD is excreted through the cat’s waste (marijuana is another matter entirely). So, it’s unlikely you’ll give your cat too much.

What conditions might CBD oil help your cat with? How much CBD oil should you give? Let’s talk about it.

What can CBD oil help with?

While there is little research yet on how CBD oil can help cats, it’s shown promise with helping people and thought to benefit cats for conditions like:



Appetite stimulation



How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

CBD oil is generally dosed based on weight. While there is no standard dose, 1-5 mg of CBD oil per 10 pounds of weight given 1-3 times per day is a common dose. You should start with the lowest dose and increase until you see results so you wind up using the lowest effective use. Depending on the strength of the CBD oil, one drop usually contains 0.5 mg of CBD. So for a 10-pound cat, you would give 2-10 drops per day. You would give a 20-pound cat 4-20 drops.

You may have better results adding the drops to your cat’s food or a treat rather than putting the drops in their mouth.

Cannanine™ Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Hemp

Cannanine CBD Oil is non-GMO, made from human-grade ingredients, made from organic Colorado hemp, and contains absolutely no high-causing THC. It’s tested and found to be free of heavy metals, harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, and other toxins and features patented nano-sized microemulsion for maximum bioavailability and absorbability (4x smaller particles compared to liposomal emulsion).

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Can You Give Cats CBD Oil?

Cats are notoriously sensitive when it comes to medication. With all the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals, it is no wonder so many kitty parents search for holistic alternatives. The cannabis extract CBD is gaining popularity for use in both humans and pets as a natural way to cope with pain, anxiety, and the symptoms of certain illnesses. But is it safe to give cats CBD oil?

Dr. Daniel Inman is a veterinarian at Burlington Emergency Veterinary Specialists in Williston, Vermont. He notes that CBD is becoming increasingly popular among holistic veterinarians “to treat a variety of ailments, including inflammation, anxiety and pain” in their feline patients.

Inman is careful to point out that CBD oil is intended to increase comfort and improve quality of life in pets, not “cure” underlying disease. He recommends consulting your veterinarian before starting CBD or any other natural treatment with your cat.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of dozens of compounds called cannabinoids found within marijuana and hemp. Both plants are varieties of the species, Cannabis sativa. However, the concentrations of their medicinal cannabinoids vary greatly.

Marijuana is very high in the psychoactive cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and relatively low in CBD. Hemp, marijuana’s safer cousin, is rich in CBD and contains only trace amounts of THC. Hemp has many of the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and none of the mind-altering characteristics, making it the safer choice for pets.

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and isolated to create the tincture commonly known as CBD oil. Unlike medicinal marijuana, CBD oils contain only negligible amounts of THC and cannot make your cat “high.” Some CBD oil retailers even utilize an additional step in their manufacturing process to ensure that every last bit of THC is removed from their products.

Liquid CBD tinctures typically come in easy-to-dispense bottles with droppers for dosing. The palatable oil can be given directly by mouth or mixed in with your cat’s food.

How does CBD oil work?

Most animals, including humans and cats, have something called an endocannabinoid system made up of specialized receptors throughout the central nervous system. These interconnected networks act as command centers for regulating body functions like pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and immunity.

When cats ingest CBD oil, it opens up two-way communication between the endocannabinoid receptors and the rest of the body, helping to maintain healthy balance.

So, is it safe to give cats CBD oil?

The short answer is – Yes! Giving cats CBD oil is safe as long as you choose a hemp-based product free of THC and get approval from your veterinarian.

Giving cats CBD oil has few potential side effects. Those that may occur are typically mild and easily remedied by discontinuing the product. Dr. Gary Richter, owner and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, California lists the most common adverse effects as mild sedation and gastrointestinal upset.

Which CBD oil should you choose for your cat?

Unlike many CBD oils on the market, Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil was specifically created for the individual needs of dogs and cats. For this reason, it is one of the few CBD products on the market that is 100% free of THC. This also means Cannanine is legal in all 50 states.

You can view the cannabinoid potency profile by clicking on Cannanine’s certificate of guaranteed analysis obtained from the analytical testing service, ProVerde Laboratories.

In keeping with its focus on quality and safety, Cannanine is made from only human-grade ingredients including organically-grown Colorado hemp. It is free of potentially harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, heavy metals, and GMOs.


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5 Ways You Didn’t Know CBD Oil Could Benefit Your Cat

With CBD oil dominating today’s holistic health news, it’s hard not to be curious about what this all-natural supplement can do. You’ve heard about how it’s helping people, and even dogs, conquer specific health-related concerns, but canines aren’t the only pets benefiting from this new trend in healthcare. Cat owners, veterinarians, and researchers are seeing positive results in cats that are given CBD oil. More specific research is on the way, but from what we know so far, CBD oil could be exactly what your cat needs to live healthier and happier. Here are a few ways CBD oil could benefit your cat.

CBD oil could benefit your cat

1. Relief From Anxiety Caused By Vet Visits, Car Rides, Or Storms

With napping most of the day and having her meals delivered for free, it definitely seems like your cat is living the life. You do everything you can to make sure she hasn’t a care in the world, but even a treasure trove of catnip mice can’t help her avoid certain stressors. Some cats suffer from daily anxiety that seriously affects their well-being. It could be caused by a traumatic event, like a car ride that went terribly wrong, or it could be your kitty’s normal personality to feel anxious throughout the day.

Whether your cat suffers from situational or behavioral anxiety, CBD oil is proving to be an effective way to calm kitty’s nerves. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This system is the same in humans as it is in dogs and cats. It’s a body’s control center for health and healing and consists of receptors located in major organs and other parts of the body. When CBD oil is introduced, it triggers the endocannabinoid system to run a bodily check. If there is a chemical imbalance (like there is when your cat is feeling anxious), it prompts the body to bring those hormones back to normal levels. The result is a cat that is calmer and more confident.

2. Reduced Joint Pain Related To Age

Watching your playful cat start to slow down is never easy, and it can sometimes feel inevitable. You can’t stop her from growing old, but there are a few symptoms of old age that CBD oil can help deflect. Chronic joint pain is one of them.

One of the most well-known benefits of CBD oil is its ability to reduce pain. According to a group of researchers from the University of London, CBD might classify as a new class of drug used for pain relief. That information is yet to be determined, but for now, pet owners and pets themselves are seeing real results when taking CBD oil for chronic joint pain. As cartilage in a joint wears away, the area becomes inflamed and painful. CBD oil reduces inflammation and makes it easier to move without pain. It won’t be a cure for your cat, but it’ll bring her much-needed relief.

CBD oil could benefit your cat

3. Increased Appetite and Less Nausea

Not eating is one of the first symptoms people notice when their cats are ill. It’s related to countless feline diseases and can have disastrous effects all on its own. Without food, your cat’s body can’t take in the nutrients she needs to stay strong. Without her strength, she can’t fight whatever disease is taking over her body.

Sometimes a lack of appetite is a direct symptom of a disease, but it could also be caused by the medication prescribed to help. Chemotherapy is an example. Chemo could save your cat’s life, but it’s also extremely hard on the body. Fighting back nausea and frequent vomiting caused by chemo can make eating impossible for cats that desperately need nourishment. In this situation, CBD oil could benefit your cat and help her stay strong.

4. Seizure Suppression When Medications Don’t Work

Cats with epilepsy can suffer from multiple seizures a day, and common anti-seizure medications are never guaranteed to work. Despite extensive research, there’s still a lot we don’t understand about epilepsy in cats. We don’t know what causes it, and we don’t know why some medications work for some cats but not others. The Epilepsy Foundation states it’s not unusual for prescribed seizure medications to be ineffective for some people, and the same is true for cats.

Whether your cat’s medication doesn’t work or it’s causing serious side effects (like kidney failure), CBD oil is proving to be a worthy alternative. In a 2014 study on drug-resistant epilepsy in humans, CBD oil reduced the number of seizures by at least 50% in 39% of participants. Because humans and cats have similar endocannabinoid systems, it’s easy to see how cat owners are seeing similar results for their pets.

CBD oil could benefit your cat

5. Reprieve from Asthma Symptoms

Asthma in cats is similar to asthma in humans. According to Web MD, it’s a chronic inflammation of small airways in a cat’s lungs. During an asthma attack, those airways constrict and drastically reduce the amount of air that gets to the lungs. Asthma attacks can sometimes be minor, but many are life threatening. Most cats diagnosed with this respiratory condition spend their lives never far from an inhaler.

CBD oil should never replace an inhaler, but its anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce the number of asthma attacks your cat experiences. It only takes seconds for a major asthma attack to completely close the airway. CBD oil could benefit your cat by reducing the chances of an attack when you’re not around to help.

CBD oil could benefit your cat

Now that you know a few of the possible ways CBD oil could benefit your cat, it’s time to choose the right product. Cat owners need CBD oil that is completely organic and free from THC. That’s why they love Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil. It’s one of the only CBD oil products on the market that is specially made for pets. It’s legal in all 50 states, and you’ll know your cat is getting the best with human-grade ingredients.

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How Senior Cats Can Benefit From CBD Oil

The use of CBD oil has become incredibly popular in humans and pets alike. While several articles discuss the benefits, efficacy, and safety of CBD oil in aging dogs, few focus on its use in senior cats.

Not only does CBD oil offer felines many of the same health benefits as canines, it may also help senior cats better deal with the symptoms of issues commonly found in old age, such as asthma, joint pain, chronic upper respiratory infections, and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of dozens of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is an extract of hemp, a plant that like marijuana is a strain of the species, Cannabis sativa. While both hemp and marijuana share certain similarities, they differ where it matters – the concentrations of their cannabinoids.

Marijuana is low in CBD when compared to hemp, but high in the mind-altering cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is what gives marijuana its psychoactive properties and accounts for its signature “high.” It is also what makes marijuana dangerous to dogs and cats.

Responsible pet owners know the risk of accidental marijuana ingestion, and keep it far away from their cats. Hemp’s close relation to marijuana makes them understandably cautious to treat their senior cats with CBD oil.

However, unlike tinctures made from the marijuana plant, CBD oil from hemp contains only the slightest trace of THC. In fact, as long as the THC content is 0.3% or less, CBD oil is perfectly legal in all 50 states.

Some companies even utilize an additional step in the manufacturing process to remove every last bit of THC from their products.

Why should you consider giving your senior cats CBD oil?

Studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces anxiety and pain, lessens seizure activity, and improves overall well being. In addition to its many medicinal benefits, CBD is also quite safe for senior cats as long as it contains little to no THC.

Adverse side effects of CBD are rare. Those that do occur tend to be mild, especially compared to the myriad problems associated with prescription drugs. According to Veterinary News:

“Most pharmaceuticals only stimulate upregulation or downregulation, making it possible to move body systems out of their normal or homeostatic state. Because CBD works toward homeostasis, it doesn’t do this, making unwanted side effects rare and giving CBD a good safety profile.”

Many veterinarians and pet parents have actually reported positive side effects. For example, they begin using CBD to help their cat cope with arthritis and find that he or she also enjoys relief from asthma symptoms.

Common health issues in senior cats & how CBD might help

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Cats with IBD suffer from chronic irritation and inflammation of the GI tract. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may provide relief.

Pancreatitis: Senior cats with IBD, diabetes, and certain infections may also develop pancreatitis, but the condition can also develop independently. Pancreatitis is very painful and potentially deadly. It occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed, disrupting digestion. Once again, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, potentially aiding a cat dealing with pancreatitis.

Arthritis: Several anti-inflammatory pain meds exist for the treatment of canine arthritis, but senior cats are not so lucky. CBD oil may help cats with achy joints.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease describes a variety of conditions that affect the bladder and urethra of cats. These problems cause pain and inflammation of which CBD may provide relief.

Asthma: Asthma is yet another common inflammatory disease in cats. CBD may be a great option to reduce bronchial inflammation, lessening the number of asthma attacks.

Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections: Many cats suffer from life-long viral infections of the respiratory system. Symptoms include chronic congestion, sneezing, and itchy, runny eyes. Again, the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may provide relief.

Seizures: CBD acts as a neuroprotective agent, which means it may aid in frequency and intensity of seizures.

Cancer Related Symptoms: There are several accounts of longer survival times and/or better quality of life for animals with cancer. CBD also reduces pain, anxiety and nausea as well as stimulates the appetite. All of which may be beneficial to senior cats with cancer.

The story of Zaphod the Cat:

Zaphod was a 14-year-old kitty suffering from many of the common problems that plague senior cats. According to his owner, Kiki Kane:

 “In the last two years, he has lost his purr, his eyesight, and his ability to comfortably jump, pounce, play, and recently, even cuddle.”

Kane also describes increased irritability, circling, nightime wandering, and other symptoms of age-related cognitive dysfunction. She added CBD oil to Zaphod’s medication protocol and noted that it “relaxed his facial expression and let him feel comfortable being picked up, held, or petted.”

While CBD did not completely resolve Zaphod’s night restlessness, it did allow Kane to carry him to bed with her, where he would fall asleep on her chest.

Sadly, Zaphod passed away, but Kane wrote that CBD oil allowed her to “offer a little more comfort as the light continued to fade.”

Which CBD oil should you choose for your senior cats?

Not all CBD oil products are the same. When it comes to delicate senior cats, you want the safest available. Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil is non-GMO, free of toxins, heavy metals, and harmful bacteria, and formulated specifically for use in dogs and cats.

It is also one of the few CBD products on the market that is 100% free of THC!


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How CBD Can Help Cats Deal With Anxiety

Did you know that cats can suffer from anxiety the same as people and dogs? Behaviors that you may see as just normal cat behavior can actually be symptoms of anxiety. Are there ways to help cats deal with anxiety? Can CBD help cats deal with anxiety? How does it work? We know you have questions and we aim to provide answers.

Signs of anxiety in cats

How can you tell whether your cat is dealing with anxiety? Symptoms of anxiety in cats include:





-“Talking” a lot, especially if it’s more than usual

-Change in weight or appetite

-Refusing to use the litter box

-Compulsive behaviors like excessive grooming

-Destructive behavior such as furniture scratching


Ways to help cats deal with anxiety

If your cat seems to be dealing with anxiety, a trip to the vet is in order to rule out health conditions with symptoms that are similar to those for anxiety. Your vet may recommend medication, and some holistic vets may recommend CBD oil. Apart from that, there are things you can do to help cats deal with anxiety. Some ideas include:

-Provide your cat with puzzle feeders to keep them occupied when you’re away from home,

-Create a more stimulating environment for your cat by adding things like cat trees to climb, boxes to play in, and a perch by the window to keep your cat more active and engaged.

-Consider adding another cat to your household.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active compound found in cannabis plants. There are more than 100 different compounds found in cannabis plants. You’re probably more familiar with tetrahydrocannabinol, which is better known as THC and is the compound that causes the high people get when using marijuana.

One thing you may not realize is that there are different types of cannabis plants. Marijuana is one type of cannabis plant that has been bred to have high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Therefore, CBD oil made from hemp contains very little THC and may have beneficial properties without causing a high. Ideally, a CBD Oil will have zero THC, but very few products achieve this, unlike our CBD Oil, which has 0% THC.

How can CBD help cats with anxiety?

Humans and cats alike have an endocannabinoid system, which works to regulate many different functions, such as pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and immunity. CBD helps supplement the endocannabinoid system, which is why CBD is thought to have so many benefits.

CBD may help supplement the endocannabinoid system similar to how a vitamin C supplement can help boost your immune system. CBD is thought to alter serotonin signals. Seratonin is a hormone that regulates your mood. Many antidepressants for people affect how the brain reacts to serotonin, improving their symptoms. CBD is thought to work similarly to help the brain react to serotonin, making your kitty feel better and more relaxed.

Cannanine™ Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Hemp

Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil offers unparalleled botanical support for the endocannabinoid system. Made from organically-grown Colorado hemp, it’s legal in all 50 states, non-GMO, and made from human-grade ingredients. It can help promote calm in anxious cats with just a few drops added to their food.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

(H/T: MNN, PetMD, Honest Paws)

4 Ways CBD Oil May Help Your Cat

Cats have cuddled their way into our hearts and homes, and as part of the family, their health and happiness matters. They should be chasing catnip-filled mice across the floor and filling homes with loud motorboat purrs, but many aging, ailing, and anxious kitties are held back from living their best lives. They’re unusually irritable and restless, and some cats stop playing because moving around is too painful. It’s hard to watch a favorite feline suffer, but there are ways to help. CBD oil is a new player in pet care. While scientific studies are still in the works, vets and pet parents alike are excited to see CBD oil for cats making positive change. Here are a few ways CBD oil can help your precious pet.

CBD oil for cats

1. To Ease Anxiety

Cats have a reputation for being cool, calm, and collected, but they’re not immune to stress and anxiety. Moving to a new house, meeting a new family member, or a change in their routine are all situations that could cause anxiety in cats. They can’t flag you down and discuss how they’re feeling, but they show their anxiety in other ways. Signs of anxiety in cats include excessive meowing, napping more than usual, obsessive grooming and itching, and aggressive or irritable behaviors. The longer the stress holds on, the more it will affect your pet.

One of the most well-known benefits of CBD oil (including CBD oil for cats specifically) is how it effectively relieves anxiety. CBD is a compound found in cannabis, and unlike the compound THC, it doesn’t produce a “high.” What it does do, however, is interact with important receptors in the brain to relieve anxiety. CBD oil triggers a neurological response that allows the brain to release feel-good chemicals that offset feelings of stress. As a result, a cat’s anxiety fades away.

2. To Reduce Pain Caused by Arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease where the cartilage between joints degrades. With no cartilage to act as cushion, bone rubs against bone to make regular movement seriously painful. You’ll need a vet to give an official diagnosis, but most cats with arthritis are stiff, have decreased flexibility, and don’t move around as much as they used to. Pain in their joints might also make them grumpy if someone tries to pick them up.

A change in lifestyle can sometimes help, and many vets recommend prescription pain killers. A better treatment, however, has to do with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil. While there is no cure for arthritis, CBD oil for cats lessens the severity of symptoms. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system (a network of receptors throughout the body) to stimulate the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. It targets the joints to relieve pain so your cat can play and move around without symptoms of arthritis getting in the way.

CBD oil for cats

3. To Relieve Symptoms of Epilepsy

Idiopathic epilepsy (seizures with no detectable cause) is more commonly diagnosed in dogs than cats, but countless felines still struggle to cope with seizures. If it isn’t idiopathic epilepsy, VCA reports a cat’s seizures could be caused by an organic brain disease. Either way, frequent seizures can affect a cat’s overall behavior and lead to future brain damage and health complications. Seizures can be treated with anticonvulsant medication, but many cat owners report medications either don’t work or produce serious side effects.

Researchers at Colorado State University recently completed a study on how CBD oil affects dogs with epilepsy. Their results show 89% of dogs in the trial experienced a reduction in the frequency of seizures after receiving regular doses of CBD oil. There are also several similar studies and testimonies about how CBD helps humans with epilepsy. There are yet to be studies on cats, but researchers are confident that because cats, dogs, and humans all have the same endocannabinoid systems, CBD oil offers cats the same results.

4. To Increase Appetite

A lack of appetite is one of the first noticeable signs a cat is sick. It’s usually a symptom of a more serious health issue, but not eating causes problems of its own. Without food, your cat grows weaker. She runs out of the essential vitamins and nutrients she needs to stay healthy, and whatever illness is plaguing her body gets an even stronger upper hand.

Cats with cancer and other serious health issues need to keep up their strength. But if they’re not hungry, there’s no way for them to get the fuel they need. Many pet parents find CBD oil for cats is the answer. CBD effectively stimulates appetite and reduces nausea. It won’t make your cat ferociously hungry, but it’ll allow their natural appetite to return to normal. When they’re busy fighting off cancer or recovering from illness, having an appetite could be a lifesaver.

CBD oil for cats

Choosing CBD Oil For Cats

If your cat is experiencing any of these health issues, finding quality CBD oil for cats could change their life. That’s where Cannanine™ comes in.

Cannanine™ Organic Hemp Oil is pure CBD and contains zero THC. There is absolutely no risk of Cannanine™ making your cat high, and it’s legal in all 50 states. The hemp is organically grown on a farm in Colorado, and the finished product is tested to make sure it’s free of harmful substances like heavy metals and harmful bacteria. Overall, it’s a safe and natural way to help your cat find daily relief and comfort.

Sources: Boulder Holistic VetVCA, Mercola Healthy Pets

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